Graeme, Valentina, Wag and Susie speaking to people during a live seminar in Italy.

What is the dog training you can get from this school?


It's the dog training that enables you and your dog to live a good realtionship, bacause you can understand each other and easily communicate.

It provides you with the full knowledge of your dog and its needs.

It allows your dog to feel happy and satisfied with you and your life together.

It's the commitment towards your dog, who depends on you and needs to see in you as its confident guide and partner. 

The dog training from which you can benefit here is the one that considers your dog as a sentient living being, with feelings and needs, exactly like yours.

Whether your dog is big or small, a rescued, mongrel or a pure breed, a puppy or an elderly, with or without previous training, he or she needs the support and guidance of a shared education and you can find it in this school.

By applying The Graeme Sims Method ® you will learn all you need to know to achieve now and in the future great results with your dog, because you will be able to answer important questions like: 

"How does your dog think?

What motivates it?

What is it looking for in you?

How do you develop a mutually understandable communication system with a wide vocabulary?

How do you achieve a real partnership?

How can you improve your relationship?"