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Live online dog training courses


Graeme, Valentina, Wag and Susie speaking to people during a live seminar in Italy.

Live online dog training courses for puppies and adult dogs

where you are and when you need it most.

"Having a dog is simple,

having a happy and fulfilled relationship between you and your dog

is the real goal"

With The Graeme Sims Method ® you will learn all you need to know to achieve now and in the future great results with your dog, because you will be able to answer important questions like: 

"How does my dog think?

What motivates him/she?

What is he/she looking for in me?

How do I develop a mutually understandable communication system with a wide vocabulary?

How do I achieve a real partnership?

How can I improve our relationship?"

Our live online dog training courses provide you the three main ingredients for a good relationship with your dog:

Love for you and your dog,

through two dog trainers, Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo, who care about your dog

and a psychologist, Raffaella Monti, who can help you in every difficulty you may experience;

Understanding of your dog, his needs, compulsions and behaviour;

and Knowledgebecause you learn how to communicate with your dog in an effective way.

All our live online dog training courses consider your dog as a sentient living being, with feelings and needs, exactly as you have.

This is why here you can find a complete team of people and dogs ready to support you both.

Whether your dog is big or small, a rescued, a mongrel or a pure breed, a puppy or an elderly, with or without previous training, he or she needs the support and guidance of a shared education and you can find it in this dog training school.

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