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After the Initial Consultation, a possible choice for you and your dog can be the Educational Course.

Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo coaching a student with her dog

This is a live online dog training course that applies every aspect of The Graeme Sims Method ®.


The dog, in fact, does not speak our language but uses a totally different one.


In the Educational Course we will teach you to speak to your dog in a language it recognises as well as an understanding of what your dog is saying to you, so that it will willingly respond when it is close to you or a long, long way away.



This live online dog training course will make your relationship deeply satisfying for both of you.


A 10-minute session each day in a familiar place that your dog feels confident in, a written chapter each month, live online meetings with us every two weeks plus an exchange of "how-to-do it" videos and progress videos from you will keep us always closely in touch.


We will want to know all about you: whether you live in an urban situation or the countryside; the sex and breed and age of your dog; and whether it is neutered or castrated – in fact all we need to know.


Then we will take you on a fascinating journey from "I wish I could" to "I know I can" and an easy confidence that regular practise and increased knowledge produces.

The Educational Course is the complete dog training programme that enables you and your dog to achieve great results in terms of communication, relationship, partnership, understanding and responsiveness by applying every step of our Method.



Letizia Marcon and Dyki our students.

Thanks to Graeme and Valentina and to this course I was able to create a much deeper bond between me and my dog. The work done in recent months has given its results and they are what I wanted to achieve since the beginning: to create a two-way direct line between me and her.
Obviously the work won't end there, but I have the tools to continue working with her and improve our relationship.
So I can only say THANK YOU ❤️ with all my heart. It was an excellent decision to take their course and a real pleasure to get to know them personally.
I recommend this course to anyone who really wants to build a deep bond with their dog.

Letizia Magni Marcon and Dyki

This live online dog training course is perfect for you and your dog if you wish to broaden your knowledge and experience.

You and your dog will create a strong bond, improve your relationship, understand and communicate with each other, resulting in a much better behaviour.

This is The Graeme Sims Method® fully explained and applied to you and your dog.


It's a 10-months course, because this is the necessary time to work without rush and assimilate each step.


During this course you will be continuously supported by us through:

  • Written chapters, one every month;

  • “how to do” monthly videos made by us;

  • Access to videos of our past students;

  • Our ever present guidance and coaching;

  • Frequent videos from you to us to show your progress;

  • Online class meetings: one every two weeks in the evening.

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