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Educational course

The dog does not speak our language but uses a totally different one.


We will teach you to speak to your dog in a language it recognises as well as an understanding of what your dog is saying to you, so that it will willingly respond when it is close to you or a long, long way away.


It will make your relationship deeply satisfying for both of you.


A 10-minute session each day in a familiar place that your dog feels confident in, a written chapter each month, live broadcasts every two weeks plus an exchange of "how-to-do it" videos and progress videos from you will keep us always closely in touch.


We will want to know all about you: whether you live in an urban situation or the countryside; the sex and breed and age of your dog; and whether it is neutered or castrated – in fact all we need to know.


Then we will take you on a fascinating journey from "I wish I could" to "I know I can" and an easy confidence that regular practise and increased knowledge produces.

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