Here you can find all the common questions you may have

about our live online dog training courses, The Graeme Sims Method ® we apply,

the School itself and much more.


If you cannot find what you're looking for, please speak to us.

1) Why should I choose the Graeme Sims School?

You should choose this School only if you trust us and believe in what we do and how we work.

If you do not feel in this way, then this is not the dog training school for you.


What we can tell you is that:

  • You want the best possible life for your dog, where happiness, understanding and knowledge are in place and this is our aim as well;

  • We want you become the best possible guide and partner for your dog;

  • Here your dog's personality and nature can come out, shine and be understood;

  • Here the dog is not considered like a slave or an obedient soldier but an equal living being with specific needs, feelings and characteristics to be considered and respected.

  • What you can get from us is more than dog training itself, as the main aim is the satisfying relationship you can create with your dog through professional guidance and help as well as friendship for life.

2) Where are you located?

As we provide live online dog training courses and live online psychological consultations, the answer is "wherever you are", because we do not have a physical place where you come to us but we have a virtual space where you can meet us in the comfort of your home.


Nonetheless, we are based in South Wales, United Kingdom.

3) What kind of live online dog training courses do you provide?

The live online dog training courses you can attend here are designed and thought not to teach the dog only but to improve and help the human as well.


They are based on the concept that the relationship is the foundation where everything is based on and where you and your dog influence each other all the time.

For this reason, every good result is achieved when the communication between you two is well understood, correct and mutual.


This is where we step in as human-dog experts, by providing all the essential knowledge, guide and availability that you and your dog need.

We can, in fact, act on both animals, as our team is completed by our precious human expert consultant Dr. Raffaella Monti.

This is why in all our courses both you and us will play an essential role to make you and your dog together reach every result.

4) How do your live online dog training courses take place?

All our live online dog training courses take place in a very innovative way, where everything relies on modern and common technological communication, which is known and used by almost everybody nowadays.


We have a Virtual Classroom for each course, where students and us regularly meet in an audio-video meeting, that allow to speak and see each other wherever you are.


Let's explain better.


All our courses are based on very important and essential elements:


  • ONLINE MEETINGS - they are video-audio meetings run through Google Meet, where students and us meet twice a month (or more if needed). They allow a face-to-face course experience, giving the opportunity to enjoy a friendly and human environment. 
    Why two meetings a month? Because the first one is to present you what we are going to do in the month ahead and the second, instead, is useful to take stock of your situation and see if it's necessary to help you more.

  • VIDEOS, those we send to you to show "how to do" and those you send to us to show "how you do". The latter ones are paramount, because they allow us to observe your performance in a very objective and constructive way and to help you and your dog in the best possible and tailor made way.

  • WRITTEN CHAPTERS, a chapter every month to explain in words our method, our philosophy and what you are going to work on in the month ahead.

  • CONSTANT COMMUNICATION AND INTERACTION between you and us through messaging apps such as Signal, e-mail, website and social networks.

5) Who can participate in the live online dog training courses?

Anybody with any kind of dog; no previous knowledge or experience is required.


Please Note: according to the information you provide us about you and your dog, we might suggest you to attend a different course from the one you are interested in. This could happen when we could see a better solution for your particular situation.

6) What dogs can be enrolled in your live online dog training courses?

Any dog in good health.

7) When do live online dog training courses start?

All the courses start when you enrol, as they are always available.

8) How much is a live online dog training course?

The Educational Course is £640.00 if paid all upon enrolment or £84.00/ month if you decide to pay in 10 instalments, for a total of £840.00.


The Tailored Course has got an Initial Consultation of £25.00 and the course itself is £90.00/month

9) Who are the live online dog training courses taught by?

All live online dog training courses are taught by Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo.

10) In what language are the live online dog training courses held?

All our courses are taught either in English or in Italian according to the language you speak or prefer.

11) Can I enrol in your live online dog training courses even though I don't live in the U.K.?

Yes, of course you can!

We accept people from anywhere in the world as long as it doesn't become too complicated in terms of time zone.

12) Can I enrol and participate with more than one dog?

All our courses are structured and studied by considering and analysing the brace human-dog. We put our effort in studying and helping the brace itself. Each dog requires proper time, study and work both for you and for us.


For this reason, every extra dog more than one counts like a student more for us, which means a course more (and so a cost more) for you. So, it's up to you to consider your availability and decide what is best for you.

13) Am I entitled to teach The Graeme Sims Method ® after having attended one of your live online dog training courses?

No, you are not.

The only people officially entitled to teach this method are Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo.

14) Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

You get a certificate only if you have attended the course and provided enough material (VIDEOS) to prove your real effort.


We want to make you achieve high results and not being simply a name in your educational list.


Only under this circumstance you get a certificate of achievement produced and provided by Graeme Sims School itself. At the moment it is an electronic signed certificate.

15) Why can I get a psychologist, psychotherapist, EMDR therapist in your School?

You can ask for a psychologist, psychotherapist, EMDR therapist because we want to offer a complete service.


What do we mean?


If you stop and think about it, when you have a dog, there are two of you, two animals with distinct characteristics that live together and influence each other.


To make this relationship work well, we need to work on both and not only the dog. This is why it's essential to have in the team a person who knows humans inside out as much as we know about dogs.


Teaching the dog only would mean to consider the human kind perfect and not in need of improving, but we all know this is not the case.


Then a professional expert on humans is useful when you struggle to cope with the fear of dogs or of a particular dog's behaviour, the loss of your dog.


Dr. Raffaella Monti is able to support and help our work with her specialist knowledge and she does it in a very friendly and on-demand way.

16) What are your sales terms and conditions?

Here you can find our sales terms and conditions.

17) Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

Here you can find our Privacy Policy.

18) What cookies are used by your website?

Here you can find all about our Cookies.

19) What are your available payment methods for the live online dog training courses?

The available payment methods are PayPal and credit cards.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are also available under the voice "Offline Payment" in the checkout Payment area.

20) I have got a question not mentioned here.

For any other question that we haven't mentioned here, please, speak to us.