"GRAEME SIMS – the man who ‘speaks dog’ – is hailed as one of the world’s most respected dog trainers. His approach depends on his matchless ability to get into the mind of the dog – to be truly a ‘dog whisperer’."

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Graeme Sims studied the big cats, Gorillas and birds of prey behaviour in depth, by learning directly from close contact with the animal rather than just spoken theory from people (he wanted the truth rather than opinions).


His study of dogs began seriously when he found a lost sheepdog on the road and trained her to work sheep, not as a hobby but professionally.

Annie was like a wild animal when she was rescued and was frightened of many things. For this reason, he began to develop a gentle method that would build her confidence, based on an understanding of each other’s language and loving togetherness rather than commands. Later, he and Annie became shepherds and afterwards sheepdog skill demonstrators at the Big Sheep  then at The Milky Way theme parks in Devon. He also managed the North Devon Sheepdog Training and Breeding Centre.

Thanks to the gentle method he had developed with Annie, he was able to work ten dogs harmoniously at the same time in front of audiences of up to 80,000 people, sometimes silently or by using a mixture of body language, word and whistle.

Graeme Sims working with his Border Collie at a demonstration.