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I don't have a dog yet

Most people who join us already have a dog and, if this is a puppy, they usually tell us it was separated from its mother at two months. This means its mother did not have time to teach it anything about being a dog and that there will be probably areas where the dog will have abnormal behavioural tendencies.


If you are planning to have a puppy, it would be wiser to have advice on which breed will suit you best and when it can be separated from its mother without bad effects, plus the things you should know for important moments, like its arrival at your home, food, care, attitude, whether it suits an urban or rural location, etc.

If you are planning on rehoming a rescue dog the same advice will benefit you.


The course consists of looking at your own lifestyle, location and personality in order to find a compatible match and at the breed of the dog, its age, type and where it came from.

Rescue dogs often suffer rehoming more than once due to a lack of knowledge and this unsettles them dramatically.

Mixed breeds can be even more difficult to understand and the really considerate will want a happy dog in the right home.


Our course will tell you all you need to know.

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