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Valentina Teghillo and Graeme Sims

Either if you know which one of our courses you wish to attend or if you are not sure which one would suits you best, this is always the first step you have to take.


The Initial Consultation is essential to know you, your dog and your goals.

This is the important step that enables us to drive you towards the best choice.

What does the consultation consist of and how is it structured?


  1. You fill in an online questionnaire;

  2. You send us one or more videos of your dog; 

  3. You attend a video meeting with us, where you tell us all about you and your dog: it is about an hour video call at your most convenient time, where we can speak to each other face to face (on the right-hand side of this page you have to indicate your most suitable day and time and we will come back to you to finally fix the meeting);

  4. Within a couple of days we present you by email what we think is the best recommendation according to yours and your dog's needs and objectives;

  5. The course we offer you can be started or rejected according to your wishes.

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