Some detail loving people going to seminars ask what time is this or that? what is the programme for the weekend?

Do not ask us to tell you the end of the story before it has even started. The dog is not concerned with time tables but with a more communicative relationship.


The dog is not a mechanical problem nor is the problem generic. It is a force of nature, an enigma, a unique, individual creature. It is like us and has no idea of what influences its hereditary genes, nature or nurture have influenced the way it is.


Do not look for a detailed programme or some kind of step-by-step routine that pleases your planning needs, because there will not be one and what we do benefits your dog. We look closely at what your dog does and then we determine what the action or tendency says about it and only when we are sure do we move forward with a series of made to measure actions that will suit your dog. The only thing we can possibly know at the beginning is that good communication will improve the situation and the mechanics of this will vary according to the nature of the individual. We want students who believe, have faith and will execute all that we tell them wholeheartedly, because they will be the ones who will see a result far beyond their expectations.


Our prime concern is integrity, not marketing in order to get more and more students, but rather to get the right ones.


Quality is always better than quantity.


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