Graeme and Valentina watching a woman and her dog doing an exercise

To help you judge whether this is for you or not, let us explain.

It isn’t just a mechanical step-by-step procedure but also an applied philosophy that any reader of our best-selling books will appreciate (see books on this site).
It is nature’s way. The dog is not a pet that needs domination in order to be obedient but a partner encouraged to respond willingly.

We do not treat every dog as if it was like every other dog but as an individual.
We will show you how to do it with videos and coaching and you will show us your progress with videos to us.
It will take ten months and will need lots of training sessions by you and your dog.
Do not ask now what you will do, because what you do will be decided once we know more about you and your dog.
We are confident that we can take you from knowing little to a great understanding and that your practical skill improvement will be enormous.
We want students who will work hard, be faithful to our advice and achieve - those who realise that their dog deserves fulfilment in order to be content. Your dog has compulsions depending on its genes (just as you do) and it needs to be so responsive that it can be free enough to use them.


It is a closed-number course, because only 5 students can enroll. This is because we believe more in quality than quantity and we want to care for you in the best possible way, as your success is our success.

This is also why we accept only students who understand the concept "you will get what you put in". This is because you will achieve results only by applying yourself, with a serious commitment from both sides. For this reason, you can be our student only if:

  • by 3 days you got our initial questionnaire, you fully fill and send it back to us, together with one or more videos of your dog;
  • you communicate with us: to inform us, to ask for help, to answer our questions;
  • you regularly send us videos (without them we cannot help you);
  • you regularly take part to our live video meetings.

After all, we offer you our expertise, availability and commitment and we expect the same from you.


The advantages of online as opposed to seminars:

  1. No need to travel as yyou can do it at home in your own time;
  2. No hotel bookings;
  3. No restaurant meals or extra expenses;
  4. Ten months of individual attention as opposed to two days of a seminar;
  5. Live classrooms from the convenience of home.


The course cost is £600.00 if paid all in once, otherwise you can choose to pay £70.00/month for 10 months, with an overall cost of £700.00

We only accept payment via PayPal, which allows you to pay even if you do not have a PayPal account by using your credit card. 


If you have any question, we are here to help you: contact us



Online course (10 months)

Choose your payment option
    • We only accept a course purchase per person in order to make the booking process simple. For this reason, before booking, please check to have selected "Quantity: 1" in the above section;
    • before booking, you can contact us to know there are still places available.
    • At the end of the course you receive a badge plus a certificate from Graeme Sims School, that attests your overall achieved result.
    • The course is provided both in English and Italian according to the language of the students.
    • We only accept payments via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required to make a payment, simply click on the PayPal link and follow the instructions to pay with your credit card).
    • When you choose the monthly instalment payment, you agree to pay £70/month for 10 months. In this way the overall final course price for you is £700.00
    • Next monthly instalments will be manage via email through single money PayPal requests.
    • By paying the first installment, you commit yourself to pay the 9 future installment, whatever happens in the meanwhile.
    • We refund the cost of the unused course only in case of a serious impossibility from us in providing the course itself.
    • We do not refund the course cost if you decide not to participate anymore.


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