Online course (10 months)

Our course is aimed at you and your dog and makes the observation that you are both individuals and need lessons that are perfect for you not for someone else.


Dogs motivation varies according to breed, age and individuality. Our experience allows us to pick a route for training effectively.


What is the course I can book now?

Now you can book for the course that starts on 7th January 2021

​(Enrolments by 4th January)


Who can participate? 

This course is open to all dog owners who want to learn more and improve their relationship.
No particular knowledge or training is required.

How many students for each course? 

Every course will be limited to a maximum of 5 people in order to give full attention to each member.

What kind of course is it and how is it structured? 

We offer an online course to help you and your dog in having a better understanding of each other and an improved relationship. The course will allow you to benefit from both a classroom environment and a one-to-one tuition at the same time.
The course taught by us, Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo, and they will be delivered both in English and in Italian. Groups will be formed to manage English speakers and Italian ones separately, in order to make things quicker.

How long does a course last? 

All our online training course lasts 10 months to allow for thorough training. 

When does the course start? 

This course starts on 7th January 2021.

It will not be possible to join the course once it has commenced but you can express your interest for next available course by clicking here

How does the online course take place?

First of all, when you book your course, you will need to fill in a questionnaire (sent to you by email within 48 hours) in order to tell us about your dog and a little about yourself - after all partnership involves two creatures. In this way we can start to know you and your dog.

Then, the course starts with an online meeting (the date and time will be communicated in advance) to greet each other and introduce ourselves. On this occasion, we also explain to you step by step what we are going to do together and the exercises you will have to do with your dog by next month. All this will come with a written chapter sent to you, videos and photos to facilitate your training.

Every two weeks there will we an online meeting to assess the effectiveness and update eachother (the date and time will be communicated in advance).

Every online meeting will be recorded and be available for a week for those who could not participate.

During the four weeks you and your dog will be able to put the exercises into practice in the comfort of your home and time and consult us in case of doubts and questions.

All way through you will send us videos about your ongoing progress.

Every month will have the same organizational structure.


What do you get?

  • If you try hard to do as we say, you will move from knowing little to a confident expertise;

  • Registration for our website Private area, that will give you access to your private Student Group, where all the course and communication take place;

  • Invitation to join the exclusive private Facebook Group "Graeme Sims School Students";

  • 50% discount on an online consultation (if you and your dog need further help in the future)

  • Once a month a new chapter concerning the next four weeks of exercises (so ten chapters in total);

  • Videos and photos on how to do it;

  • Suggestions and indications according to the videos from you to us showing your progress;

  • If you have doubts or you have questions regarding any aspect of your ongoing training, you can consult us in a one-to-one formula by emails and video calls* (*only by appointment);

  • Once every two weeks an online appointment will allow us to stay in touch and advise your concerns and difficulties;

  • At the end of the training you will get an enamel badge and a certificate from the Graeme Sims School plus the enormous pleasure of a much more responsive dog and a far greater understanding.

What does all this cost?

  • If you pay the whole amount at the beginning of the course, the cost is £600.00.

  • If you prefer to pay each month, the monthly cost is £70.00 so for the total course the cost would be £700.00
    Once started you are committed to the overall cost. It is not possible to only do some of the course.

What if this course is already full?

If you wish to participate to our next online courseplease click here.

For further informationplease contact us.

Online course (10 months)

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    • Enrolments for this course close on 4th January 2021. Any payment received after this date will enrol you in the next coming course and not in this one. 
    • If this course is full and you want to express your interest for the next course click here.
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    • When you choose the monthly instalment payment, you agree to pay £70/month for 10 months. In this way the overall final course price for you is £700.00
    • Next monthly instalments will be manage via email through single money PayPal requests.


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