Online one-to-one (6 months)

You might want to go even further, you might have an ambition to fully develop your dog and your skills, then online one-to-one could be for you.


How does it work?

  1. You tell us where you want to go;
  2. We will ask you many questions to know more you and your dog;
  3. We will analyse carefully the situation and provide a training solution, which will be put into practice via online video meetings and exchanged videos, plus a constant contact and expert supervision.


How long does it last?

That will depend on how much work you put in and your intended destination. Being the best takes time and how much is impossible to define at the beginning.

For this reason, we set a minuimum of 6 months to begin with, where we agree to work together. Then, at the end of this period we will both review where we are going and by mutual agreement decide to go on or stop.


How much is it?

  • If you pay the whole amount at the beginning of the course, the cost is £540.00

  • If you prefer to pay each month, the monthly cost is £90.00 
    Once started you are committed to the overall cost. It is not possible to only do some of the course.


For further informationplease contact us.

Online one-to-one (6 months)

Choose your payment option
  • Terms of sale

    • We only accept payments via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required to make a payment, simply click on the PayPal link and follow the instructions to pay with your credit card).
    • When you choose the monthly instalment payment, you agree to pay £90/month for 6 months. In this way the overall final course price for you is still £540.00
    • Next monthly instalments will be manage via email through single money PayPal requests.
  • Please Note

    We only accept a course purchase per person in order to make the booking process simple. For this reason, before booking, please check to have selected "Quantity: 1" in the above section.


Graeme +44(0)7793055741

Valentina +44(0)7832696263 or through WhatsApp



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