Clotilde De Medici

Online course (10 months)

I understood the effectiveness of Graeme and Valentina's method during one of their seminars. Now, I am following this online course and step by step, without haste but steadily we are making great progress! I wouldn't have said it but it is! The course is changing my approach towards Giotto and consequently Giotto is changing and improving too :-D :-D


It works, it works! I am a satisfied witness happy to have decided to participate in this online course! Followed and supported even in moments of uncertainty by two exceptional teachers like those of Graeme Sims School

Stefania Giovannelli

Online course (10 months)

I agree with everything that Letizia said, also I am delighted to be part of this course.
Graeme Sims and Valentina are great.

Irene Cantini

Live seminar

Fantastic experience with two equally magnificent people, full of experience and love for what they do ... grazieeee

Anna Perfetto

Live seminar

... I thank them because they have not spared themselves (until losing their voices) and because they have tried to satisfy the needs of all the participants ... first of all the dogs .... I thank all the participants because they made this meeting really interesting. A great desire to learn, a great desire to understand expressed in numerous questions and comments makes me think that perhaps the dog world is growing in the right direction: that of the welfare of the dog, not the answer at all costs but the right questions to be asked, that of  "you receive from the dog as much as you give". ... These two days have given me food for thought about how I can and I have to improve, they surprised me and conquered me in the dogs I saw and in the difficulties that we have analyzed technically or not.

Maurizio Benvenuti

Live seminar

Surely the meeting with other people who live the same emotions, the meeting with Graeme Sims, who remains an example of simple humanity addressed to the world of dogs was really BEAUTIFUL.

Fernanda Zanolla

Live seminar

I was reassured about how to handle situations where I felt inadequate.

Ilaria Onesto

Live seminar

I had the opportunity to finally work my dogs in the activity (sheepdog) for which they were originally designed. Both my dogs and I have learned many new things. We found ourselves on the same wavelength with Graeme Sims's approach and way of thinking and respecting. The goal is harmony between man and dog.

Morris Locatelli

Live seminar

I will try to put into practice what I have learned: switch on the light!

Magda Belisario

Live seminar

I have more confidence in the relationship with my dog and I have learned many things more than just interesting.

Samantha Lanza

Live seminar

I understood what is meant by the phrase "Love Not Authority"! It is clear the relationship that this formula can create between the dog and its owner; moreover, even if only as a watcher you can observe the owners working with their dogs and learn from them mistakes and also from the positive actions that are taken when working with a particular dog.

Maria Cristina Mellini

Live seminar

Thanks for these two days, each moment will return as a beautiful experience and we'll go on with your teaching. Hoping to meet you again.

Letizia Magni Marcon

Online course (10 months)

I have just started taking the online course and am very happy with the way it is handled. I feel well followed: I can express any doubts that come to me so that I can be helped when needed. Unfortunately, when you attend seminars, the questions and doubts often come after practicing and you cannot always have the answers. So I highly recommend this online course. Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo are exquisite people! 👌

Chiara Andrea Cioli

Live seminar

Thanks a lot to the great team we met!!!! Valentina Teghillo Graeme Sims
You are incredible ..full of experience and curiosity..
The time was ran fast and was too short with you..we hope we will meet you very soon for another Adventure!!!

Katia Kb Biasci

Live seminar

Fantastic experience Graeme and Valentina are two exceptional people. Thanks for everything.

Annamaria Giampiccolo

Live seminar

They made me look with the eyes of a shepherd at the qualities of the Border Collie.

Guido Cucchi

Live seminar

Personally this experience has made me happy, being able to be in the field near him, seeing how he works and talk to him as if we knew each other well. It was satisfying and fun.

Marzia Tartari

Live seminar

Seeing dogs that are very different from mine helps me to add sensitivity to the perception of how the dog thinks. The comparison with other methods of work and thought are always useful and constructive.

Michele Spitale

Live seminar

Meeting with experienced people face to face and with the other participants helps to improve one's own behavior and the relationship with the dog.

Andrea Ferraro

Live seminar

There are always things to learn and it was great to see a professional like Graeme working live with dogs.

Anna Bertolino

Live seminar

I learned new things, especially the body language and gestures to communicate with dogs.

I liked the atmosphere that Mr. Sims was able to create in the group.

Raffaella D'Amato

Live seminar

I learned to know even more about the characteristics of my dog and its needs, so the things to do in order to make it live peacefully and to make the most of its capabilities.

Yvonne Schmidt

Live seminar

I understood better how Border Collies think. You also gave me some good advice that I can use in the future.


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