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After the Initial Consultation, a possible choice for you and your dog can be the Tailored Course.

Yellow tape measure for the Tailored Course

This is a bespoke live online dog training course that aims to focus on the particular needs that you and your dog might have.

Being tailor made means that it suits you perfectly, allowing you to take your own time for progress and improvement.

The training process will be spread in a five month course, that will be renewed if you and your dog need need more time to achieve specific results.

The Initial Consultation will let us know everything about you and your dog, so that our dog trainers can provide you the best possible made-to-measure dog training programme.




The Tailored Course is perfect if you don't like a long term commitment,

if you want a bespoke training programme, if there are particular problems or difficulties in your relationship

or if you want to achieve specific results.

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