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The Graeme Sims Method® is a dog training method

that began in 1970 with the study of all sorts of wild animals,

including the big cats, gorillas, zebras and later dogs

and developing an understanding how they communicate.

Graeme Sims and a Tiger cub
Graeme Sims working with his Border Collies at a fair in England

It was at first laughed at by so called experts, who believed that the domesticated dog needed to be dominated,


until Graeme Sims demonstrated that he could work with ten dogs harmoniously at the same time, doing things not thought possible.

Most of nature is about silent communication rather than spoken sounds

Graeme Sims interacting with a Belgian Tervuren
Valentina Teghillo interacting with a Border Collie

and, once you learn how to do it,

your dog will become a willing and responsive partner, rather than a foreign species that simply needs control.

Valentina Teghillo with two rescued dogs
Graeme Sims interacting with two Chihuahuas

Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo don't use quasi scientific language in order to impress

but plain language designed to teach.

Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo speaking at a dog seminar in Italy
Graeme Sims and Valentina Teghillo speaking to a group of students
Valentina Teghillo and Graeme Sims at a book-signing in Italy

Every course is managed and structured in an innovative way, which allows full support, guidance and monitoring all the way through.

The use of technology, such as videos, photos, web meetings, messaging apps, social networks and emails, makes everything much more immediate, objective and helpful than a live class or seminar.

Students can benefit from a friendly and available team of professional dog trainers who take their students far and beyond classical dog training courses.

Graeme Sims interacting with a Siberian Husky
Valentina Teghillo and Graeme Sims teaching at a dog seminar
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