Valentina Teghillo and her dog Lola


Fear and curiosity were Valentina's first feelings towards dogs, as she came from a family that did not have them. "I wanted to know more".

Then she read a book written by Graeme and a journey that would change her life began. They met and talked and Valentina started to translate at his seminars in Italy. After seven years of these her role changed, as frightened or timid dogs were drawn to her like a magnet and she was able to reassure them without words and they would start to work with confidence.

She studied, including working with sheepdogs in Wales, and achieved instructor status and a file full of certificates and, though the translation continued, she found herself teaching more and more.


Because of her initial difficulty she understood the needs of people who knew few of the answers and developed an uncanny ability to attract and work with any dog who felt less than confident. Eventually, at seminars Valentina and Graeme allowed the dog to choose who it would like to work with and the shy ones always gravitated towards her.