Many  people when training a dog (including professionals) suffer from myopia and we do not mean an eye condition but rather a limited imagination.

Yes, they see a dog but not a special individual. You can work with a dog or it can work for you.

On all our online courses one of the first things we teach is awareness and how to encourage an enthusiastic willingness from your dog - its the difference between "Do Re Mi" and a symphony.

A course of just one month so that you can judge for yourself without a long commitment.
It is, in essence, designed to help you communicate with your dog and get a willing response.
We send "how to do" videos and you send us progress videos that we can base our advice on plus live broadcasts.
Of course, there is no badge or certificate for this short, taster course.

We will take you from uncertainty to assurance both at close range and distance and there will be a continuous exchange of videos plus regular live broadcasts.
When you complete this course you get a lapel pin, a whistle lanyard and a certificate that will show your achievements.

To address the particular problems you might have with your dog and correct them or to achieve a specific aim with it. "How to do" videos, progress videos and live broadcasts will guide you through all the six months.


Finally, you might ask does online work? 

Read our reviews

Don't let "how to do it" remain a mystery - let us show you how.


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